Qfile Design, a division of Qfile Marketing, is staffed by innovative, vivacious out of the box thinkers that focus on enhancing your companies exclusive product and services into unique designs. These designs are a pivotal aspect in the effective marketing of your company and products

The modern Qfile Design Department encompasses the highest standards and creative ideals to produce high quality effective media communication including but not limited to:




3D Animation is a very specialized and often sought after field. 3D Animation projects are mostly unique In every aspect from design to rendering. Through 3D Animation, much more complex animations become a Reality.

Here at Qfile Design Studio, we strive to create the best, top end, performance driven animations for our clients. We pride ourselves in adding life and character to your product, applying the same principles used by top Animation studios such as Pixar and Disney.



The Medium and use of Digital Visualization transforms the 2Dimensional blue print into a 3Dimensional realistic Architectural experience.

Through the use of various packages Qfile Design are able to accommodate a wide variety of architectural professionals in the property industry.

Architectural material is generated using photorealistic 3D images. Architectural models are built from plan, enabling the rendition to be an accurate concept of the design generation.

3D renderings and animations are either created from the blueprint CAD drawings or from an existing 3D CAD model supplied by the client where possible.

The application of true life textures, lighting and features create a real life digital environment of both interior and exterior.

The purpose of Visualizations is to create the vision and an actual understanding of what can exist from the vision of the Architect or Architectural Drawing.